Pet Portraits

Let’s get our paws messy…

Portraits bring a sense of belonging and solidity. By seeing our family members in a painting we honor what they bring to our lives–or brought. There is a reason royal families commissioned paintings in their likeness–and that our presidents continue to have their portraits painted! Paint brings life into fullness.


Currently, I offer one price for one size of portrait. This is subject to change with demand.

5×7″ on 1/4″ thick wood panel perfect for framing ::: $115

Shipping (if applicable) ::: $10

Payment is made at time of ordering via PayPal or Venmo. *You do not need a PayPal account to check-out. You may check-out as a guest.


Do you only paint cats & dogs?

As a previous ferret mom, I know the love felt for our more “exotic” pets. I would love the opportunity to paint a portrait of a bird, turtle, ferret, snake–you name it! AND if you order a portrait of a species not pictured on this page you’ll enjoy 10% off your portrait!

Do you ship?

Yep! Just pay shipping & handling!

So…I want the face of my dog from this photo, but the body position from this photo. Can you mix-and-match photo references?

You could pick your pet out of a line-up of similar breeds because you’re their parent. You know them! For this reason, you’ll know when a painting is off. In order to be as accurate as possible I work from one photo rather then compositing together multiple photos for the most accuracy. I understand choosing is the hardest part–but as long as it’s a picture of your furry family member, you’ll love it!

How do I place an order?

Fill out this form and you’ll receive a confirmation email as well as a link to pay for your piece of art. Please be sure to answer this email as I can’t get started without payment.