Pet Portraits

Let’s get our paws messy…

Portraits bring a sense of belonging and solidity. By seeing our family members in a painting we honor what they bring to our lives–or brought. There is a reason royal families commissioned paintings in their likeness–and that our presidents continue to have their portraits painted! Paint brings life into fullness.


Currently, I offer one price for one size of portrait. This is subject to change with demand.

5×7″ on 1/4″ thick wood panel perfect for framing ::: $65

Shipping (if applicable) ::: $5

Please allow 14 days from time of ordering to time of shipping. (This does not including shipping time, but the time it is delivered to the post office for shipping.)

Payment is made at time of ordering via PayPal. *You do not need a PayPal account to check-out. You may check-out as a guest.


Do you only paint cats & dogs?

As a previous ferret mom, I know the love felt for our more “exotic” pets. I would love the opportunity to paint a portrait of a bird, turtle, ferret, snake–you name it! AND if you order a portrait of a species not pictured on this page you’ll enjoy 20% off your portrait!

Do you ship?

Yep! Just pay shipping & handling!

So…I want the face of my dog from this photo, but the body position from this photo. Can you mix-and-match photo references?

You could pick your pet out of a line-up of similar breeds because you’re their parent. You know them! For this reason, you’ll know when a painting is off. In order to be as accurate as possible I work from one photo rather then compositing together multiple photos for the most accuracy. I understand choosing is the hardest part–but as long as it’s a picture of your furry family member, you’ll love it!